ErgoSafe AB has recently won a lawsuit against the Swedish company AK Fönster & Dörr Sverige AB, dealer to the Polish competitor Wind-Dam, for marketing Wind-Dams product “Wind-Dam System”/ “Wind-dam Balustrade” in Sweden.

The Swedish Patents and Market Court of Appeal has unanimously, in a decision concerning a preliminary injunction ruled in favor of ErgoSafe in the legal proceedings against Wind-Dam’s dealer AK Fönster. The court ruled that the Polish product has infringed ErgoSafe’s registered EU-design, which applies to the height-adjustable glass balustrade ClickitUp. This product has been the subject of copying and illegal sale on the European market for several years, despite repeated warnings from ErgoSafe about infringement of their intellectual property rights.

Fredrik Johansson, CEO of ErgoSafe, expressed his satisfaction with the outcome and emphasized the great importance of this win for the company. He underlined that the ruling against Wind-Dam’s dealer will enable ErgoSafe to protect its product from illegal copies throughout the European market.

This legal success is not only a win for ErgoSafe, but it also shows that it is worth investing money in your own innovations and protecting them. It sends a strong signal to the market that imitating or copying protected products, without permission, is unacceptable and will lead to legal consequences.

ErgoSafe will now be able to continue developing and market ClickitUp, strengthening their position as a leading producer of height adjustable glass balustrades.

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Halmstad 2023-09-27

Design protection helps ClickitUp to stand strong in the market

Together with our partner Bergenstråhle & Partners, we have successfully stopped a number of large European manufacturers and distributors from manufacturing and selling products that infringe on our design protection for the ClickitUp® railing system.

– For our glass railing and us as a company, the result is that we are extremely strong in the market when we continue our expansion in Europe. It also shows that it is worth investing in intellectual property rights when working with innovative products, says ErgoSafe’s CEO Fredrik Johansson.

Halmstad 2022-06-22

Together we build ErgoSafe

We build ErgoSafe out of our ROCKET where TOGETHER is a key word.

– Our employees make a great contribution to our success every day, says the company’s CEO Fredrik Johansson. Many of our employees have been with us for a long time and several have changed tasks as the company has grown.

Nicklas Neij and Jan Enlund work with electric sliding doors. They started as colleagues on the floor in production, today they continue their collaboration via Nicklas being responsible for sales & support and Janne is the producing team leader. In the picture, they reason about the delivery of a Drive-through to Burger King in Denmark.

 Halmstad 2022-06-03

Recycled plastic from the oceans becomes new material for our glass railings

One of our latest development projects is together with Ackurat, where recycled high-quality plastic from the maritime industry is used to create plastic parts for the ClickitUp series.

– The recent long delivery times and lack of materials have meant that we are actively working to get our suppliers closer to us. Part of this was the plastic parts for ClickitUp that were manufactured in China. I contacted one of our suppliers over 20 years ago and the process was underway, says product and development manager at ErgoSafe, Mårten Johansson.

The exchange of all details for our glass railing ClickitUp® is in line with the journey that ErgoSafe has begun – to work for a circular and sustainable business as much as possible. An initiative linked to the purchasing process is to include the aspect of environmental impact when we look at materials for our products.

“That we recycle waste from the oceans at the same time as we work for the company’s best interests and a sustainable future feels fantastically good,” adds ErgoSafe’s CEO Fredrik Johansson. 

Halmstad 2022-06-10

Welcome and visit us in Gbg!

ErgoSafe is now on site in Gothenburg and you will find us in the showroom at MAKAJO in Amerikaahuset.

Our saleswoman Victoria is happy to receive you and show you the entire ClickitUp range on site. Here you will find more information about the showroom in Gothenburg.

Now we have moved into new premises

Finally, our new office space is ready! The result was absolutely fantastic!


We would like to thank Bygg Sjögren and all subcontractors for a very well done project! We are so happy!


Halmstad 2021-04-22

ErgoSafe proud sponsor of HBK

ErgoSafe will support the local football team Halmstads BK during the seasons 2022 and 2023.


“We see it as important to support Halmstad in the work with the association life and we think that Halmstads BK provides a good exposure area that can give us the scope we want for our continued development – now we hope for a fantastic season and that we in 2023 will reach the highest level in Swedish football and have our brand on the new shirt”, says ErgoSafe’s CEO Fredrik Johansson.

Halmstad 2022-04-01


The premises in Halmstad are growing according to plan

The premises in Halmstad are growing according to plan with two extensions. The week before Christmas, our sister company Berlings Glas och Fasad installed window sections on the new extension facing the E6. Upstairs, ErgoSafe’s new office area, window sections were installed that will provide fantastic light. The project is progressing and both production surfaces of the production will be ready first – just in time for our high season to start at ErgoSafe. 

ErgoSafe's glass railing ClickitUp at Disneyland Paris

It is with pride that we tell you that ClickitUp is now available at Disneyland in Paris. It is the restaurants Vapiano and Five Guys that have ClickitUp as wind protection for their outdoor cafes. An extra big thank you to Olivier Vetter and Premium Terrasses.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

We have had a fantastic year and wish a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to customers, suppliers, partners and employees. Together we aim for new goals 2022! But first Christmas break with loved ones.

We will reopen on January 3, 2022. Traditionally, we give a Christmas gift to children at Halmstad Hospital.

Warmest Christmas greetings from us at ErgoSafe!

Newly recruited trio

We warmly welcome this newly recruited trio to ErgoSafe. New onboard are Petra Fasth and Stefan Andersson (left).

We are strengthening our sales team with Petra and Stefan recently took up the position as CFO. Henrik Karlsson (right) started with us a while ago and is now internally recruited to the position of production manager. A position he will take over after Jörgen Larsson who retires last February.

A warm welcome on board all three – now we take aim to higher altitudes.

We are expanding!

A major renovation is ongoing in ErgoSafe’s premises in Halmstad. Both production and the office building are being expanded to meet the strong growth that the company has.

We believe in a continued great demand for our products and are therefore investing in expanding with 300 sqm of offices and 600 sqm of production, says the company’s CEO Fredrik Johansson. The construction is expected to be completed in the spring of 2022.

ErgoSafe celebrates 25 years

2021 is ErgoSafe’s 25th anniversary and the company continues to expand. Since its inception in 1996, ErgoSafe has found itself in the role of an expanding company with a strong innovative spirit. “The demand for our products is only increasing and taking us to new markets. We are on an exciting journey” says ErgoSafe’s Managing Director Fredrik Johansson.

The pandemic in which we find ourselves has created great demand for our products. Export has begin to get off the ground. In the coming years, we plan to expand our facility in Halmstad. We are good at celebrating at ErgoSafe and of course when the pandemic is over, we will also celebrate our 25th anniversary.

Successful Cooperation

At ErgoSafe, we believe in working together. On 11 March, we reached the milestone of 1000 days without absence due to accident.

We are committed to a top-class working environment. 1000 days without absence due to accident is proof of that. Greeting from ErgoSafe’s Managing Director: “I am so proud to be the Managing Director of this amazing team, and I extend a big thank you to the entire staff for a job well done! “

ClickitUp® - pattern-protected at EUIPO

ClickitUp®, ErgoSafe’s height-adjustable glass balustrade, is pattern-protected via EUIPO.¬†ClickitUp® has been produced in over 10,000 units at our production facility in Halmstad and is now available in several markets around the world.

Launched in 2014, theglass balustrade was the first to offer a height-adjustable glass railing with a focus on design, quality, safety and function all in one.

ErgoSafes sliding shutter delivered to a pharmacy

A pandemic has challenged us and new consumption patterns have emerged. One sector that has expanded its services is our pharmacies. With a focus on accessibility and working environment, ErgoSafe’s sliding shutters have opened up new possibilities.

One of our latest deliveries is to Apoteket AB at the University Hospital in Örebro. Other pharmacies have purchased our DT shutter for their drive-in service.

“Working with what is special is standard for us when it comes to sliding shutters”.