ErgoSafe celebrates 25 years

2021 is ErgoSafe’s 25th anniversary and the company continues to expand. Since its inception in 1996, ErgoSafe has found itself in the role of an expanding company with a strong innovative spirit. “The demand for our products is only increasing and taking us to new markets. We are on an exciting journey” says ErgoSafe’s Managing Director Fredrik Johansson.

The pandemic in which we find ourselves has created great demand for our products. Export has begin to get off the ground. In the coming years, we plan to expand our facility in Halmstad. We are good at celebrating at ErgoSafe and of course when the pandemic is over, we will also celebrate our 25th anniversary.

Successful Cooperation

At ErgoSafe, we believe in working together. On 11 March, we reached the milestone of 1000 days without absence due to accident.

We are committed to a top-class working environment. 1000 days without absence due to accident is proof of that. Greeting from ErgoSafe’s Managing Director: “I am so proud to be the Managing Director of this amazing team, and I extend a big thank you to the entire staff for a job well done! “

ClickitUp® - pattern-protected at EUIPO

ClickitUp®, ErgoSafe’s height-adjustable glass balustrade, is pattern-protected via EUIPO.¬†ClickitUp® has been produced in over 10,000 units at our production facility in Halmstad and is now available in several markets around the world.

Launched in 2014, theglass balustrade was the first to offer a height-adjustable glass railing with a focus on design, quality, safety and function all in one.

ErgoSafes sliding shutter delivered to a pharmacy

A pandemic has challenged us and new consumption patterns have emerged. One sector that has expanded its services is our pharmacies. With a focus on accessibility and working environment, ErgoSafe’s sliding shutters have opened up new possibilities.

One of our latest deliveries is to Apoteket AB at the University Hospital in Örebro. Other pharmacies have purchased our DT shutter for their drive-in service.

“Working with what is special is standard for us when it comes to sliding shutters”.