Model V80 slides vertically and is most suited to use indoors. The window comes standard with 6 mm
laminated glass, impulse control, soft start/stop, motor lock and safety buffers. Glass up to 8mm mm thick
is available as an option.



ErgoSafe V80

Ergosafe V80 electrically operated sliding window with vertical opening. Non-insulated glass for use indoors.

Opening Options:

Technical Description:

Size Optional. Wall opening dimensions: width: FOD + 10 mm, height: FOD + 5 mm:
Operation Electric locking, impulse control with safety buffers, automatic lock in closed position. Motor and drive
areintegrated in the window design. Connects to 240V wall outlet. Push button keypad with 2 m cord
Surface finish Anodized aluminium is standard. Can be painted or anodized in other colours (RAL/NCS).
Glass Up to 8 mm in e.g. laminated or tempered glass depending on location and requirements.
Options Also available with moving/fixed panels and in manual design with key lock.
Modelnavn ErgoSafe V80