H80RG slides horizontally and is most suitable for use indoors and when distracting framing is undesirable. This system takes into account visual impact and gives the front desk or reception area a welcoming atmosphere in spaces that want to avoid a closed-in feeling. The glass panes have polished edges and no vertical framing. This solution is particularly suitable when there is a risk that the framing will be visible. The window comes standard with 6 mm laminated glass, impulse control, soft start/stop, motor lock and safety buffers. Glass up to 15 mm thick is available as an option.



ErgoSafe H80RG

Ergosafe H80RG electrically operated sliding window with horizontal opening. Non-insulated glass for use indoors.

Opening Options:



Technical Description:

Size Optional .Wall opening dimensions: width: FOD + 10 mm, height: FOD + 5 mm.
Operation Electric locking, impulse control with safety buffers, automatic locking in closed position. Motor and drive are integrated in the window design. Connects to 240V wall outlet. Push button keypad with 2 m cordluded.
Surface finish Anodized aluminium is standard. Can be painted or anodized in other colours (RAL/NCS).
Glass Up to 15 mm in e.g. laminated or tempered glass depending on location and requirements. Polished glass edges.
Options Also available with moving/fixed panels and in manual design with key lock.
Model ErgoSafe H80RG