One glass balustrade – several versions!

To help you make the very most of your outdoor space, we’ve developed five versions of our glass balustrades. For wind shelter without losing your view, we have our adjustable-height balustrades, ClickitUp® and ClickitUp®Balcony. We also have a fixed-height balustrade in the same elegant, clean-lined design – the CiU®Fixed and ClickitUp®Balcony Fixed, which you can also conveniently combine with the adjustable-height balustrade.
Both of them are perfect for your patio or balcony. If you already have a balustrade but want to add on wind shelter, we have the ClickitUp®Inside.

If you run a restaurant and want to offer guests a weather-safe outdoor dining environment, ClickitUp® is a popular alternative. Your guests will be protected from wind and rain in a warm and cozy glazed patio that can be used well into the evening and longer during the year.

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