“ClickitUp® is more than a glassrailing.
In elevated position, ClickitUp® works like a windscreen.”

ClickitUp® is a raising and lowering glassrailing that, in elevated position, serves as a wind- and weather protector. When the wind is on, release the moving part of the glassrailing.

For the privat home ClickitUp® makes it possible for a longer and more comfortable outdoor season, together with your loved ones. At the restaurant guests are protected from weather and wind, making the outdoor seating a comfortable place to stay. – Both longer hours of the day and longer time of the year.

In folded down position, the glass rack is 1100 mm high. The moving glass is 800 mm, giving the railing a total height of 1900 mm in elevated position. ClickitUp® consists of glass and aluminum profiles and is equipped with a semi-automatic gas spring technology that balances the moving part. The glass is attached to the profile with the Structural Glazing bonding technique, where the glass is glued outside the aluminum profiles, such as stepped glass. ClickitUp® is available for ground plan (ClickitUp® standard) and for balcony / terrace (ClickitUp® balcony). Both versions are available as a fixed glass rack.

All production of ClickitUp® takes place in Halmstad, Sweden. For questions and concerns please do not hesitate to contact us

ClickitUp® has a design and construction that is a novelty in the market and the product is patterned by ErgoSafe AB.

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