More than electric sliding hatches

ErgoSafe AB is a company that develops, manufactures and sells flexible glass solutions. The company was formed in Halmstad, Sweden, in 1996 by Fredrik Johansson, who today are co-owner and CEO.

ErgoSafe has since the start in 1996 produced electric sliding hatches. In many places that people visit every day you can find them. It can be at public places like hospitals, sports arenas or concert halls, but also at private companies that need a glazed reception. ErgoSafe continuously delivers the hatch “Drive Through” to McDonalds, Max and Burger King in Scandinavia. Regardless of where the hatch shall be mounted it will affect  working conditions. ErgoSafes electric sliding hatches, therefore, focuses on delivering ergonomics, safety and design in one.

ErgoSafe continuously strives to meet customer and market needs. This approach has led to, in addition to all customized slider shutdown solutions a few new products. Our goal is to always offer our customers a product that meets expectations of function, design and quality.

We are good at small and medium-sized productions where we are often involved from construction to finished product. With the help of a number of skilled subcontractors, we can arrange total solutions and deliveries directly to the customer.