A glass balustrade - several variants

To make the most of your outdoor service, we have developed five different types of glass balustrades. For protection from the wind while maintaining a view, our ClickitUp® and ClickitUp®Balcony glass balustrades can be raised and lowered. In the same elegant and stylish design, we also have a fixed glass balustrade, CiU®Fixed and CiU®Fixed Balcony, which can be advantageously combined with the height-adjustable glass balustrade. Both will fit perfectly on your outdoor service or balcony. If you already have a balustrade but wish to retrofit a shelter, ClickitUp®Inside is available.

If you run a restaurant and want to offer your customers a weather-protected environment, ClickitUp® is a popular option. Guests are protected from the weather and wind and the glazing makes the outdoor seating a comfortable area to sit in – both late into the evening and late into the year.