The Panora-View electrically powered vertical sliding partition creates new possibilities for a room and its floorspace. In just a few minutes, the
façade opens up. For restaurants, the vertical sliding partition can offer guests an attractive environment on hot summer days, both inside and
out. One option is to create a lounge adjacent to the sliding partition, which would allow for increased occupancy and thus provide what is needed for more satisfied guests. On cold days, the premises can be isolated by the lowered sliding partition.

At arenas, the Panora-View can be used as a boundary to the VIP lounge or to glass-in a press booth. During the match or a concert, the sliding
partition is raised so that the guests are able to watch the match/concert together. The glassed-in press booth remains closed when the area is
not used, and then it is opened up during broadcast.

Panora-View is available in three different models, (GUL) LIGHT, (GUM) MEDIUM and (GUG) GRAND. All Panora-View models are available for door and window operation, with 8 different configurations and many alternatives.