We manufacture and supply Electrical Sliding WIndows to receptions, agencies, municipal councils and restaurants in Sweden Denmark, Norway and Finland. Over the years, a number of various customised solutions have been developed, and today we have a product portfolio containing seven models of Electrical Sliding WIndows, where each model is tailored to the customer. We start off from H80, H80RG, H100, V80, V80RG and V100. The first letter in the model designation tells us whether the window works horizontally (H) or vertically (V ) when it opens. Our seventh model is the DT window, which is developed specially to work for all car-borne customers.

If you would like to improve the working environment for your staff, we are the right company to contact. Each day, our sliding windows help thousands of people in giving them a simpler and safer working environment. An Electrical Sliding WIndows reduces the risks of repetitive strain injury in the back and shoulders. We have more than 25 years of experience in finding the right type of sliding door for each unique workplace. It makes no difference whether it is about making working procedures more efficient, protecting staff and products or creating a better working environment, without draughts and noise.

We know sliding windows.